July 22, 2017

Is it really inclusion you want?

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:21 pm by merelyquirky

Michelle Sutton gives an excellent description of how ‘social’ business gatherings become increasingly overwhelming in ways that NTs apparently cannot understand, and of the after-effects as well.


The three times over the years I have vacationed with friends, and even on some all-day family gatherings like weddings, funerals, even Christmas, I need a Quiet break from everyone. When traveling, I needed to opt out of an activity or two. At home or with family, I’d either take a ‘nap’ in my room pleading a headache, or would sit at the edge of things ‘reading’.

Luckily(?) for me, I come from a family of readers, and many of us are also plagued with migraines, so this mostly worked out fairly well. They may not have been able to see the difference between ‘impending migraine’ and ‘overwhelmed sensory processing and impending loss of executive function’, but If  could get away soon enough, I managed ok. Somehow I have been able to firmly excuse myself even from situations that are not voluntary, like leaving in the middle of an extremely crowded Catholic funeral, because I suddenly remembered about the incense which would have completely put me over the edge. I dropped two expensive medications from my coat pocket as I fled, but even the thought of going back was too paralyzing to consider.



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