May 4, 2016

10 Myths About Aspies

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The last few years, due to asthma issues, schedule changes, and those just feeling more difficult to overcome than they used to, I’ve been a bit of a hermit. But 3 times in the pst 6 weeks I’ve gone back to my old haunt, and been greeted warmly and fondly by folks I was convinced barely knew me back then. I really thought they were just tolerating/ignoring me. But I was greeted by name in a pleased tine of voice, by a variety of folks. They asked after my friends/family they hadn’t seen recently. I truly thoughtI was a blip on the radar to them, but they remembered every detail, from where I worked to the name of my cat. It was so heart-warming I can’t even express. As strange as it sounds, I felt loved.

Everyday Aspie

“If you’ve met one person with Autism, you’ve met one person with Autism.” ~ author unknown

This is a subjective list based on my interaction with over 10,000 Aspies over the last four years. 🙂

10 Myths About Aspies

Myth #1: Aspies Don’t Have Friends

We do have relationships. Like all human beings, sometimes our relationships last and sometimes they don’t. We might prefer to be alone or have a lower tolerance level for crowds and the company of another person for extended periods of time, but we do like having kind friends and kind partners. Some of us choose not to be in a relationship, some of us choose to be in a relationship, some of us cannot find a relationship that ‘fits,’—just like most of the human race. Aspects about Aspergers make the probability higher that we will have had more struggles in finding or keeping friends, but many…

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