April 30, 2014


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People who are angry already are not angry because you wrote something. They are just angry. You can write about whatever you like on your blog– it’s not a news article or a scholarly journal. It’s a casual expression of what you were thinking about.

I’m sorry they all got carried away. I’m glad that you can step back to take care of yourself. And I do hope that once the metaphoric burns heal you will return to your blog. Hot topic or not, this ought to be a safe place for the blogger.

Aspergers and Me

My latest post has generated an incredible amount of vitriol, much of it seeming to accuse me of saying things I never intended nor wanted to say. It is officially more than I can deal with. I thought about addressing some of the comments – to try to clarify what I had intended to say vs. what it seemed people think I am saying, but I honestly believe the effort would be futile.

Regardless, this has taken a significant toll on me and I think that I will be closing up shop for at least a few weeks. I plan to be back eventually, but right now this is very much a dangerous place for me.

I’m not really sure what happened here, but apparently people who do not value civility hate me.

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  1. Andraya said,

    Thank you very much for saying so. I tried to make a post about the hubbub around CIs and instead I got a mess. I very much appreciate whatever support I can get.

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