November 23, 2013


Posted in Uncategorized at 1:35 am by merelyquirky

Some time ago I took an online Aspergers assessment test, and scored well into the AS category. Not even close.

But enough people (5 of 7) in whom I confided about the results said no that can’t be right. (Apparently all the signs I’ve shown over the years are just me being weird/lazy/dramatic/defective.) One family member even told me I must’ve taken the test wrong.

Even though the more I read, the more personal examples I found and the more it resonated with me, I started to believe them.

So I took another test. The short one this time (not the one with 200-whatever questions plus all the faces staring at me). Out of 50 points, even 25 is borderline but still likely AS. I got a 39.

All of which makes me even more glad that everyone will be out of town next week. I’m not really up for five days of redundant gatherings with faintly different combinations of the same five people, all telling me I was doing something wrong at every turn.

Best birthday present ever: peace and solitude.



  1. autisticook said,

    Exactly what happened to me. It’s really hard because we’ve got a lifetime of self-doubt under our belts. Don’t listen to others denying all your experiences. They don’t know what you struggle with. And even when you explain it in detail, they will find a way to deny its significance. Don’t listen. Enjoy your peace and solitude. *hugs*

  2. merelyquirky said,

    Thank you so much, that helps to hear it.

  3. autisticook said,

    I’m glad it helps! A lot of us seem to struggle with self-diagnosis and having other people tell us that we’re imagining things because we can’t possibly be autistic. My take on it is, if you recognise so much in other people’s experiences, then there’s definitely SOMETHING. And people who tell you that you don’t have any problems are not in a position to judge. Not even professionals. They simply don’t have the amount of information that you have.

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