October 22, 2008

A day of close calls

Posted in coincidences, quirky at 4:45 am by merelyquirky

All day today, things were almost bad. But not.

This morning on my way to work a college student strolled blindly into the street in front of my car, texting  aimlessly. I slammed on my brakes and honked the horn, coming to a stop about a foot from her.  THEN she pauses and looks up. And continues texting and strolling.

After work I stopped at the grocery store and upon leaving witnessed a number of state and local police cruisers swarm around a car that had just passed me. The police dogs were barking vigorous alerts.

Driving home, as I passed over the railroad tracks (with a bag full of frozen groceries) the rail crossing barriers lowered to allow a train to go by. In the 20 minutes that usually takes, my $38.00 of groceries would have melted.

Nothing bad actually happened, but I’ve nonetheless been left with a slightly edgy feeling, that the next near miss won’t miss.


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